Inquiry of Tokyo Cumshot Tour

We can make a tour to support your cumshot on Jgirl by Japanese delivery health plan.
*We never film.
*Sex Disease especially Syphilis is spreading in Tokyo, so the service is touching, talking, massage and cum on face.
*If you bring the recent sex test result, blowjob and cum in mouth is available if girl agrees.
*All play is up to the girl's agreement finally to allow the law. We can't do any enforcement.
*33000JPY: 70min talk and massaging touch then facial to girl 1-3guys in your hotel room.
*44000JPY: 70min Star girl talk and massage touch then facial 1-3 guys in other hotel room.
*44000JPY for massive experience: more of 4guys group in a middle size studio like shoot size. need a reservation.

sex test?
We have an offer test.
No yet 
5 blood sample Postal tests 7days(12000->8096JPY)
9 Clinic Tests 3days in West Shinjyuku Private care clinic(22000->13750JPY
I did in my country resently and carry.
Name on Your ID *Required
Phone(if you have) 090-8888-8888
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